AI poll for designers

Good day) my name is Regina Korobina, I am an employee of the Prostock company. We create images, including with the help of AI, for use in advertising. We want to reduce the time spent by the client searching for or creating the desired image. Please answer a few questions, it will help designers and other professionals to solve their daily tasks related to images easier and faster.

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Here are the questions:

  1. What resources (websites, programs, applications) do you most often use in your work?

  2. What problems do you face on these resources and in general when working with images?

  3. How often do you encounter these problems? When was the last time?

  4. Have you tried to somehow solve something that does not suit you? If so, how and what has changed since then?

  5. How much time do you spend on average selecting / creating an image for work?

  6. What will change in your work if you spend 2 or more times less time on selecting the right images?

  7. How much does 1 image cost on average without taking into account the cost of your working time? And who usually pays, your client or you?

  8. How do you rate the likelihood of you and your clients using AI-generated images? Currently, 0-100% _________ and in the near future, 0-100% ___________?

  9. Ready to consider an alternative option for getting images?

  10. Please describe the ideal way for you to obtain images for your work

  11. Are you willing to take a few minutes to call with our head of product development? leave your contacts for this

Hmm. I have a feeling this is more advertising than research, but I’ll play along.

  1. Assuming you’re talking about stock images: iStock and Shutterstock.

  2. Not sure this is a problem per se, but I think refined search tools would help me find the image I need more quickly.

  3. I get on these sites quite often. Let’s say 10 x per week. Of those times, maybe 1/3 of the time I wish there were better search refinements. So I’d say I encounter the issue 3.33 times per week.

  4. Not totally sure what you’re asking.

  5. Too difficult to answer. Sometimes, I drop a stock photo into my layout as-is. Sometimes it’s part of a larger work.

  6. Work more efficently.

  7. Around $10 per image. Cost passed on to client.

  8. I am more concerned as to whether an image works for the job than whether it is AI or HI (human intelligence).

  9. Sure, why not?

  10. Single image downloads via website.

  11. No.

That’s too many words to give a reply. Short answer, I buy the images I need from the sites that have them. That may not be generic stock sites at all. A lot of times the imagery I source comes from Library of Congress, National Archives or Museum/historical/private sources.

What I and my clients absolutely abhor is historical images “enhanced” using AI. Especially when it is done by an amateur.

yes, I understand that you are looking for images depending on what needs you need to close) and this is normal)
one of the purposes of this survey is precisely the desire to determine what pains and needs are, so that we can create better and more realistic images.
As for historical images generated with the help of AI, I agree, sometimes it happens too much and does not at all correspond to the reality that we are used to and which reflects reality.
Thanks for your reply and reaction.