AI used to design logo

What AI. tools will help in making or designing a logo or simple design?

The one between your ears.


logos have meanings. As someone studying design, I will find it difficult to create a logo without first researching and thinking on the identity and strategy of what I am creating a logo for.

Might point out a few other things too.

  1. Logos need to be vector art. Currently, most AI imagery is pixel based. I’ve yet to see one that does vector art (not saying there isn’t one…)
  2. That vector art needs to follow specific production-oriented rules.
  3. Most AI imagery is based on things it has ‘seen’ when being taught. That would make the logo a ‘derivative work’ with all the same consequences that are currently plaguing AI art. Can you trademark an AI generated logo? That’s a gray area at the moment and not one you want your client to be in.
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there is an AI service that turns images into vectors. I used it to convert an image that had low resolution, so the result wasn’t that great.

The last point is surely something to consider.

Even Adobe Illustrator has been able to do that for years, but as you mentioned, the results aren’t very good — either technically or aesthetically.

As for the original question of using AI for logo design, there is no AI that can listen to clients, research their needs, or come up with anything that’s a combination of functional, simple, clever, meaningful, nuanced, full of personality, and emotion, targeted to the right audience, and that’s legible and looks good in all the circumstances the clients might need.

As for using AI to do research or create quick variations of a designer’s ideas based on uploaded sketches or written instructions that can be subsequently refined by the designer, I can see that being possible. However, I know of nothing that can do it, and I doubt there’s enough interest in it among software developers to make it a priority.

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If AI can do that, there are two things worth pondering:

One, “logo designers” will cease to exist. Clients order directly from the source AI provider, and everyone (with the exception of the afore-mentioned “logo designers”) will be happy.

Two, does no one suspect that I am an ARAI (Advanced Rebel AI)?

I’ve always wondered about you. Now we know.

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