Alternative for Acrobat for Preflight

I use Acrobat mainly to check the separations, spot colors, print settings, and PDF/X standard compatibility.
As I do more and more work in the Affinity programs I’m looking for a non Adobe alternative for this.
Does anyone here use a non Adobe app for this?

I’ve never used a non-Adobe product for preflight. Affinity Publisher v. 1.8 (Feb. 2020 update) notes that they offer preflight. Have you tried it?

As for non-Adobe solutions, here is a short list. These are not recommendations, as I have never tried them.

We use Pitstop
Check if the rip you are using has a custom preflight panel too.

Thanks, I thought Pitstop was an Acrobat plugin. I’m a designer, so I don’t have a rip :slight_smile:

I didn’t know Affinity Publisher offered that, will check it out. Will also looks at the other links, thanks!

Sorry, yeah, it is. Missed the non-adobe…

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