Alternative to Photoshop actions for 3D datamerge?

Can you please spare a moment to provide some graphic advice for our nonprofit?

We need to create thousands (eventually tens of thousands) of 3D images of greeting cards, like you see at changingthepresent DOT org/pages/greeting-cards

All the cards would use the exact same template but with different content.

The current best solution we have is:

  • use InDesign or CraftMyPDF or Abyssale (we prefer one of the cloud solutions) to run data-merge to create three flat images (front of card, inside top of card, and inside bottom of card) with the appropriate text and graphic elements for each of the thousands of cards.

  • then use Photoshop and a spreadsheet to run an “action” to data-merge those sets of 3 images to create these 3D card images.

The problem with doing that in Photoshop is that we need to have the template, spreadsheet, and sets of 3 images on a local computer drive. Then we need to manually run the batches in Photoshop.

We would like to find a cloud solution instead of having to use Photoshop. We would set up a template and pair it with a Google sheet containing the image URL for each of the three images. Each time a row is added to the Google sheet, the cloud software would generate the corresonding 3D card image.

Can anyone please suggest a cloud software solution for this?

Thank you very much!