AM/FM Radio

I looking to buy a counter top stand alone AM/FM radio, but all those “Best of” search engine results have me more confused than ever.

Do you have a AM/FM radio? Is it awesome?

Thanks in advance!

I did a search an found plenty. What were you expecting? One that wasn’t portable? One that didn’t have UHF and TV bands?

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My jeep has one. I park it on the front lawn and blast it…
Until the homeowners return.

Then I go back to my apartment on the other side of town.

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My FM and AM radio has a clock on the front, with three hands, which shows me the time, which let’s me know when to turn on the radio to hear the radio programs I like to listen to. It sits by my bed, and lets me know when I should get up. I like to lie there and watch the second hand go round and round and round while I listen to the AM and FM radio. It also has dials on the side that I don’t ever mess with.

Totally awesome. :roll_eyes:

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There was an am/fm radio on most of my growing up days since 1964 :smiley:

I also had many … in many forms. From embedded in cars, boom boxes, stereos and little transistor radios that sat on the shelf to lovely radio consoles that were a staple in every kitchen and living room.

Sadly now my only version consists of what comes with the clock/radio combo in the bedroom.

More folks are reliant on other forms of technology for time and tunes :wink:

This was by far my most stylish … but didn’t work so great :smiley: We wore it on our wrists.



I’m dialed into this one at the moment…

My YJ has one too but it won’t park on my kitchen counter top …sigh.

Eagles fan … eh?

Sans clock it sounds awesome!

Styln’n with your radio bracelet!!!


My 1992 Sony Sports Walkman still works perfect (and still in mint condition)… but it requires headphones.

I thought you were joking about it, so I was just playing along.

If you’re serious and want to spend some money on a countertop radio, the Bose Wave has very good sound for something its size. Of course, if you’re looking for a radio with a handle, batteries and a telescoping antenna, it’s not the one.

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The last AM/FM Radio I bought was a hand crank and solar powered with a built-in flashlight for emergencies. But I don’t know where I put it.

It was $30 when I bought it on Amazon. Now it’s 5x that amount on Amazon.


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I have kind of the same thing. When I turn the crank my cats used to freak out.

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