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Hello all. I have a little issue. I have .psd file created in Photoshop and I can’t convert it to .svg file with all the layers because my Photoshop version doesn’t support .svg file format. I don’t know what to do. I hope someone could help me with this problem.

Also I tried to install Adobe Illustrator but it doesn’t work on my PC

SVG is (supposed to be) a vector format. Your raster image, flattened, can be embedded but there is is little sense in it. What makes you think you need SVG?

In some versions of Photoslop, you have to Export As and select .svg from a drop down menu in the window that opens.

That said,
.svg files are supposed to be Scaleable Vector Graphics.
Saving a Photoshop file as .svg sort of defeats the purpose.

As for Illustrator not working, check your compatibility.
But again, bringing a photoshop file into illustrator to make it an .svg really defeats the purpose.

I’m helping a friend with some project and he asked me to send him the file in .png and .svg format. He says it must be in those 2 formats and I really want to finish my work

Well, keep your PSD file saved as it is. Then flatted your file before final export. ‘layers’ > ‘Flatten’
Why SVG? may I ask?

Hello Biggs. Thanks for replying. The thing is that I need the layers in .svg format, not a flatten image. Also when I export the layers I create a file in .ai file format.
I’m helping a friend with some project and he asked me to send him the file in .png and .svg format. He says it must be in those 2 formats. I sent him the .png file but I have trouble in creating the .svg file.

Hello HotButton. Thanks for replying. I know that .svg is vector file format but I need it in .svg file format with all the layers, not just flattened image. I made the flattened image in .svg file format but I need the layers.

SVG doesn’t support Photoshop layers.

Hellp Print Driver. Thanks for the reply. Well I already tried to export the file and I just create .ai file format not .svg.

Then exporting the layers one by one could help?

Not really. Your friend’s request for .svg may be misguided and is not really applicable. I see this a lot among app “developers” who are under the impression that SVG has some magical qualities that make their screen layouts responsive and scale-able. That’s not altogether wrong when the graphic is truly vector based, as is the core purpose of the SVG format, but a Photoshop image exported to SVG is just an embedded raster image and no more scale-able (resolution-independent) than the .png.

Thank you a lot for the help HotButton. I will tell him that :slight_smile:

Bringing a photoshop file into Illustrator and calling it an .ai is just as misguided as making a .psd into a .svg and thinking it will be vector.

Did you create something for your friend? A logo perhaps?
In other words something that should have been created as a vector file then saved as a vector .svg with the png being an add on?

Well actually I combined his logo which was in .png format with another picture in .jpg format. I delivered him a flattened .svg file but he wants the layers editable. I’ll just tell him that it’s impossible.
Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

Unless, of course, the Photoshop file contains live vector shapes or typography. In those cases, Photoshop saves those elements into the SVG file as vector information.

In the same way Illustrator saves .svgs with effects.
The text and vectors are there, but the effects and any placed imagery are at the mercy of your resolution settings when converted.

Well actually I combined his logo which was in .png format with another picture in .jpg format.

So much for vectors…


Since you have nothing but raster/bitmapped data in the file, the .svg is entirely worthless for anything .svg was intended to accomplish.

Hopefully this will help. I use .svg files daily for CNC 3D carving and for 3D printers. This allows for the best manipulation of the files for my applications even though they will eventually become .stl files for the physical creations.
Any file created in Photoshop and saved as a .psd can easily be imported, with all layers, into Corel Draw. From there I export as an .svg and have had no problems.
Not sure if this is the reason your friend needs both file formats but it is the reason I require both file formats.
Again, just trying to help.

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