An unusual reading experience

I’ve never seen a website that plays with the “left margin” (I’m sure there’s a more appropriate vocab word) like this one. Check it out: You’ll need to scroll down past the fold to see what I’m talking about.

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That’s different :wink:

Panic makes the FTP client I’ve been using for several years, so I’m on their e-mail list.

When I saw their ad earlier today, I just assumed that slightly slanted column of type was some sort of glitch, but now that you’ve brought it up, it’s probably intentional. Even so, it’s one of those middle-ground, on-the-fence design gimmicks that, if it was on purpose, isn’t quite deliberate enough to look right.

Having dabbled in web design I am mildly impressed that they can get the left margin (that is what we are calling it now) to behave like that and without knowing anything about coding, I imagine that it shows off a feature of their new software.

Let’s all get ready for this to be a thing in the next 6 months before boredom restores sanity and we can all go back to a straight left margin.

All they did was apply a skew to the section? It’s a simple css property

It would be impressive if the skewing tied into the message. Otherwise, it’s just showing off technical skills. Gratuitous technology bores me.

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