And now I am sparky

I haver now been given the nickname sparky. So when I buy a burger at any food chain I typically buy 2 in case someone may need lunch or for me the next day. It is usually MCD or BK and I generally just chuck the bag in microwave. One day a few weeks ago i got KFC came in for lunch grabbed the bag out of the fridge chucked the bag with a few grease spots in the microwave. Not realizing KFC wraps their sandwiches in foil. Let the ridicule ensue
I almost burned down Home Depot’s break room. My manager walked buy me 2 days later and pulled me aside “Bill something just dawned on me…You are an appliance specialist…” she giggled i was like “Do I need to return my certification pin?” yes we have to be certified to sell appliances at the home depot. I actually have the 6 total months of online training to get my certification. The witty nature of my manager she giggled again and says “no, but corporate is no making a training video specifically around you !!”


There’s nothing like personal experience to firmly lock in the training. Now, you’ll even have some first-hand knowledge to pass along to your customers about safety. Too bad about the sandwiches, though — I’m guessing they were a total loss. :wink:


Ah well … you gave them something interesting to mutter and giggle about for a while.

You crack me up Willy :smiley:

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