Animate any infographic in after effects

Good afternoon. Please tell me how, you would animate any infographic in after effects, Without suggesting or sending me any videos, other links and stuff like that, but instead tell me, step by step in words only.

Adobe’s already written it.
I’m not gonna retype it.
Sorry for the link but Here you go anyway

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thanks even if you clearly don’t listen or didn’t get what i asked for, but eh alright, oh well

What you’re asking for is unrealistic. There’s no one way, there’s no way to tell you how to do something from start to finish. There are always things to consider.

It’s like asking for directions from Point A to Point Z.
In between all these points are different paths. You can go from Point A to B to C to D. Or you can go from A to C to B to D.

For the record - from to A to Z there are 25,852,016,738,884,976,640,000 permuations from A to Z.

There is literally no way anyone can tell you how to do anything in any software from start to finish without understanding what it is you’re trying to do.

You’re much better off enrolling in courses.

If you need help with this let me know. It’s unclear what your level is or what age bracket you’re in or if there are any learning difficulties involved.

No matter what it is - there are courses for you - if you want I can find out if you tell me a bit more about yourself and we can look at something to help you get started.

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Demanding, are we?

well ok. even if your answer was COMPLETELY inaccurate when it came to question being asked.

it depends on who you are talking about. It can either be me, smurf2, or the both of us

Graphic design is not like following a recipe. With precise measurements, timing and ingredients. I understand that you would like a step by step instructions, but if I were to continue with the baking analogy it would be like asking how to make a pie. There is no one recipe, there is no one simple step of instructions.

As @Smurf2 said there are way too many parameters, too many undefined variables.

Infographics by itself is pretty generic. Infographics can mean anything from a fairly simple set of pie charts to something more elaborate. In addition the subject matter in infographics can vary greatly which also adds more undefined variables.

Such as this example:

Versus this example:


You also mention animating which also can vary greatly from simple animations involving movement or graphics turning, scaling, etc. to more in depth animations such as 3D effects.

The bottom line is there is no one single set of instructions. It would be like asking for step by step instructions on how to make a meal.

Now, as @Smurf2 mentioned, if you can share an example or share the infographic that you have and perhaps describe the sort of animation that you are wishing to create, then you will help to define enough variables that possibly someone may be willing to write out some basic instructions, but even then at the end of the day, as with cooking, everyone has their own preferences. Some may like things more sweet, or bitter, or salty, etc. And so, as with someone cooking, you need to know how to modify your approach to your audience.

I would even go further to say that as a career and as designer, the role of a designer is about as far from following a set of very specific instructions as one could get. Because design can be very subjective. I don’t want to discourage, but I do believe it is important to have a better understanding of a career if it is one you are just starting or considering getting into.

Best of luck.

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I gave you written instructions. They were written by someone else.I could have copy/pasted em here, but the forum would frown on such an endeavor.

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No it wasn’t

I will help anyone who has a question about how to do a particular task, but their question has to be posted in the form of a video showing deaf actress Marlee Matlin asking the question in sign language, with an interpreter’s voice-over translating the sign language into Portuguese. Fire away, folks.


Did you click the link? RTFM.


your reply seems pointless but pretty helpful in some way

you didn’t give me written instructions. that someone else you’re referring to was adobe’s website. so i feel like that’s a lie in some tiny way

that has nothing to do with what i just asked. in some way. but whatever

what link? from printdriver? cuz if so i did, in which i’ve been to that adobe website and that article before

Closing this up. @JosephAsimeng - this is how our forum works. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be something that is going to work for you.

I’m closing this as it’s going no where. People are giving freely of their time to help you and you do not seem to want what is offered. I’m sorry to say this may not be the forum for you. I’m also sorry if nothing we have offered is what you are looking for.

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