Animation frames in photoshop


Hope I’m placing this in the right forum.
At work we are starting with weekly GIF’s now for a company.
We are doing this by bulk photography and making an animation in Photoshop.

Now, this all goes well but we walk into 1 little problem.
When we are selecting frames to be shown or not we cannot find a way to just “hide” them insetad of deleting them.

We want the selected frame to be hidden, to be not in the animation but we do not want to delete it because we might change it back.

Does anyone had any idea?
We have been googling a lot and probably looking over something.

We would be very thankfull with the help ^_^!


Select the frame - then in layers panel - hide the layers you don’t want shown.

Thnx, but then it just goes over an empty frame, wich is shown in the animation :frowning: .

Make a copy of the animation. One with the frame, one without.
use the version you need, when you need it.
Photoshop is not the best tool for any sort of animation. You may want to reconsider.

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As the frame is empty - and duration is 0 seconds - can you move it to start or the end?
Make a note where it was positioned.

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thats actually a good idea for the short term, thank you!

Got any tips for other, easy to use, programs?
Cause colleages should be able to take over te task when im off ;).

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