Annoying Illustrator behavior

As a follow-up on my annoying Photoshop behavior post from last week, does anyone know how to kill these even-more annoying Illustrator “tour” window pop-up things that keep appearing at odd intervals while using Illustrator? I’d never seen them prior to my last Illustrator update.

I’ve unchecked the Tool Tips box in preferences, but that doesn’t fix it. I can’t find any other preferences regarding them, but they’re beginning to drive me nuts. They just appear out of nowhere over top of whatever I’m working on.

I am really starting to hate Adobe. It’s almost as though they’ve started deliberately installing malware in their apps.

They surely are an annoyance, and it surprises me that someone at Adobe made the decision to put resources toward those things rather than toward fixing certain long-standing bugs.

In any case, the first time (after the update) you select a particular tool or enter a condition in which one of the major new features might be of interest, you get these (I was told there are 6 of them tied to 6 different new features). There is no way to turn them off, however, they should only appear one time each, and stay away after you’ve dismissed them using the Got It! button or Skip Tour option. (And, they will return if you reset preferences or click the Reset All Warnings option in Preferences.) If you’re not paying attention to the context of your usage scenario, or the content of the suggested “tour,” it’s easy to mistake them for the same thing popping up multiple times. I may have gotten through them now because it’s been weeks since I’ve seen one.

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I saw a couple of them yesterday afternoon, then three popped up within ten minutes of each other this morning. Maybe I’m just hitting all their triggers. If there are only six and they leave once they’re viewed, maybe I’m about done with them.

I’ve also noticed rendering errors when zoomed way in on this new version, where lines and shapes appear out of nowhere. It doesn’t happen each time, and zooming out returns everything to normal. There are also other seemingly buggy features, like clicking on items not always selecting them, but maybe there’s a new way of doing certain things that I haven’t caught onto yet.

Throughout the history of their apps, Adobe has always seemed to spend more time adding unneeded new features and rearranging things that aren’t broken than they do addressing bugs that have been there for years.

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