Another earthquake

This is hardly news any longer since we’ve had dozens of things things here in Salt Lake over the past two weeks, but the house just rattled again a few moments ago. Checking the seismographic sites at the local state university, it was only a 4.2-magnitude quake — not enough to do damage, but enough to get one’s attention. There’s nothing quite like the sound of a deep rumble coming up out of the ground.


oh wow … that’s scary stuff B :frowning: Stay safe out there.

Hope you’re well fella. All we need now is an earthquake…!!!

Well, we’ve had War, Fire and Pestilence …

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And still another quake this morning at 7:41 MDT that, once again, weighed in a 4.2.

Here’s a map showing all the earthquakes and aftershocks we’ve had over the past two weeks and where they’ve been centered in the valley.

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Let’s hope you don’t get any big ones!!! Stay safe fella!

How close were you to the swarm?
I’m in LA and a few years ago had a swarm under 3.9 that was centered a half mile to a mile away and it felt like the apocalypse. I’ve experienced all the LA earthquakes since 71 and they registered much higher on the richter scale, but that series of small quakes right underneath was the most violent.

We’re about 15 miles east of there in the foothills of the mountains. It’s far enough away that most of the smaller ones have passed unnoticed for us. Anything over a 4.0 has been noticeable. The quake that started it was 5.7 on the Richter Scale a month ago. That one woke us up because things were noticeably moving and swaying. Out near the epicenter of the swarm a few brick buildings had partial wall collapses. Some of the buildings downtown were damaged.

The epicenter of these recent quakes occurred along one of the smaller faults out near the Great Salt Lake. The big fault here is the Wasatch Fault that runs along the edge of the mountains on east side of the valley where we live. The geologists say the evidence indicates that part of it ruptures about every 300 years at about 7.5 magnitude, which would cause major damage. It’s this past-due projected big one that frightens everyone.

I felt it also

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