Another Noob Question

Hey everyone, thanks for helping with my other basic question on how to change the color of objects on photoshop. I tried using the same method on this picture (and others like it) and couldn’t figure it out. How would I go about changing all of the light purple to black without causing discoloration?
bleame benefits image

So what’s the backstory here? This is an odd request and, to tell you the truth, something seems a little fishy. The right tool to change the color would be the native application(s) that created this. Did you create this or is this someone else’s work that you are trying to modify? If the latter, do you have the content owner’s permission to modify the art?

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If all you have is a flattened bitmap file, this would be problematic. It would be easy enough to convert to grayscale, but darkening the background would require masking the gizmo in the middle, then darkening the background. After that, you’d need to invert the mask and work on only the gizmo thing — selectively darkening here and there with various tools to make it look natural. It’s doable but would be difficult for a self-described “noob” to pull off.

As Steve said, you really need the original and work in the native application on something like this.

“Pain Free” is shown twice

I’d just recreate it if you don’t have the original artwork.

It’s very simplistic.

You could convert it to grayscale and play with levels but you’ll lose details etc.

Again, as I, Just-B, Steve_O, and others keep saying, be sure you have and own usage rights before you use anyone else’s work. International Copyright violations can be extremely costly. And believe me, you will regret misuse of another’s work without a proper license.

There are any number of legitimate websites where you can buy original work with legal copy uses. is one of my favorites for needed vector art of all types.