Another UI Design

Hello Guys! How are you? I have Design another Personal Portfolio UI Design. :wink:
I wanto to share with you. Always your Feedback helping me to grow up :blush:

Design Preview :

More Details about Design -

Thank you very much.

This reminds me of Spotify! The design is good but the purple against blood red is too much. Maybe try toning down the saturation? Great work!

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Thanks for your comment. I’m trying to improve my color combination. Next project gonna be more professional. Keep me in your prayers.

Hello, gentleman your design looks good but the red violet color is not opt for this design. You can see many professional creative design sites with awesome UI. I will help you to find some good UI designed sites which will be very helpful for you. Kindly lay your foundation like this. If your foundation is strong UI of the design will be good.

Reference sites:

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“I am Designer” is not grammatically correct. Unless that is your name.
The background image and color are great. The purple text, not enough contrast against the background image.
It’s more a landing page with a single button than a UI.

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Some small advice on your full portfolio project on Behance. I would avoid using graphs that display skills as a percent. No one knows what it means to be 95% Graphic Design, 85% Graphic Development, and 90% Marketing. I would try to come up with statistics that are real and relevant.

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Besides 95+85+90 is 270%…an odd way to split up 100% of your time?


Those graphs are always a mistake.

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