Antisocial by Mike Campau

US designer Mike Campau writes:

“Social Media is starting to get some pull back, and rightfully so. Each platform has its own problems, but all have had a large impact on society as a whole, both good and bad. Each image takes place in an empty parking lot which is a symbol of our singularly isolated posts, but placed in a location where it can be easily seen by many.”




Damn, they’re all good, but the LinkedIn one is a true gem.

Eerie and forlorn, but that’s the nature of social media — virtual interactions with people we’ve often not seen in years or never even met.

Looks about right to me :smiley:

Very nice artwork - awesome PhotoShop skills :heart_eyes:

What’s the one with the ghost?

Instagram is perfect!

They’re all really good, actually.

SnapChat :slight_smile:

That’s where I get all my wackadoo filters from lmao :smiley: I’m old and my nieces love it when I tell them to hang on I have to snap the chat.

Drives them bonkers :wink:

Even though I don’t use is really … I have 4 people on it … them and my Nephew.