Antivirus/Security software

I’m curious - what are you using? Thanks

Actually, nothing. My Mac was infected with something, maybe ten or 15 years ago, but I don’t remember the details. Since then, nothing.

On a Mac, so no antivirus needed and security thanks to Unix core is pretty good.

I see ads for software once in a while, saw one this morning. I’m on macs here as well. I’m currently not running anything, haven’t in years either. Just curious - so I’ll add this to the original question. If you are running something, why? Maybe there are some valid packages out there that are justified. I think the last one I ran was Norton AV.

If you are on a mac, do not do that to yourself. It is a production killer. I am at my third company now that has installed ESET and just like the others, it wants to stop every email and every pdf you open. I will be working on jobs and it is almost like your computer crashed and then all of a sudden I get the pop up that it is up to date. Its not really updating it is scanning every pdf I open and it is dreadful.

f you have to work on a pc then Nortons, Kyneski, ESET, Total AV. Avoid it if you can and just keep good backups.

None on my mac. Yet to have a problem in 20 years.

never used one on my macbook air or Imac g3 from 1999
I am not renewing free macafee subscription next month on the Dell XPS 2019 because Microsoft edge sez i dont!

At work we use Vipr.
At home I use McAfee.
I also use Malwarebytes both home and work mostly for incident checks. I don’t keep it running. (recommended by our work IT)
I’m on a mac.

Contrary to popular opinion Macs are not totally immune to crapware and I work with a lot of outside files.

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