Any advice before I just start posting my work?

I’m talking specifically on Social Media and the like. Should I watermark it? But what if it detracts from the piece too much?

My best advice, though it’s not what you are looking for, is that you’re only as good as your weakest piece. So be judicious in your posting.

As far as watermark vs. no watermark, I’d say no watermark. Yes, it makes it easier for people to steal your work, but, if someone is inclined to steal it, a watermark probably won’t stop them. There are people on the other side of the argument, of course, so I suppose it’s personal choice. But I’d say no watermark.

I’m not quite understanding your concerns. Are you saying that someone might steal a low-res JPEG from a social media account and use it for something? If so, why is that a concern?

All my work is published in one way or another. If someone wants to copy it, there’s little I can do about it, For that matter, I don’t really care as long as I was paid for what I produced.

You can do whatever you think is appropriate for your work.
Open ended, right?

As it’s on social media, it’s time-stamped and date-stamped.
There’s no reason to put a copyright symbol on it, or a watermark.

If you find someone else profiting from it then it’s up to you to take them to court and get your dues.

Well, is it generally looked down on for posting work on social media groups with none of your identifiable branding? I just wanted to post to a social media group of a band that I made some artwork for.

I’m unsure why you’re concerned about that. Whatever text you include along with the images should make clear how the imagery is relevant to you and why you posted it.

Just my opinion, and there are exceptions, but adding your brand to work you did for someone else is tacky.

I’d never do that for a client job, no. This is my personal portfolio.

I’m unsure why you’re unsure i’m unsure :laughing: . I don’t know? Paranoia? It’s just a general curiosity/caution. I figured there were potential consequences for just posting your work indiscriminately. I remember one of my teachers saying DeviantArt is a great place for people to steal your stuff. :person_shrugging: