Any book or website suggestions on trends?

Im starting a new project for the US and Europe and need to find books, websites or anything that would be following graphic design trends. If you know of any especially in sports would love to know!

The problem with trends is that by the time people write about them, they are passe.
Lead. Don’t follow.

What kind of project?. US and EU sports scenes, tastes, looks are actually very different. I do lot of work for various sports video outlets and the difference between the two is often striking.

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Ok I got yah. Thanks for the advice. It’s for both the us and eu. So need to show examples of current trends going on. Also it’s for panel board which is not popular in the us yet lol.

What’s a panel board? (I’m in the US)
If you tell us what media you are working in, we might be able to offer something to help

Padel Rackets. They are really popular in Spain and the U.K. Its a mix between racket ball and tennis.

Padel (paddle?) rackets, panel board, books and websites on sports graphics, graphic design trends, etc. — I’m confused about what you’re doing, what you’re referring to, what you’re asking, and why you’re asking.

We have pickleball here in the states. It’s sort of a combination between badminton and tennis, but I haven’t a clue how any of this relates to sports graphics and panel boards (whatever that is).

As for graphic design trends in general, most of the working professionals on this site think there’s way too much emphasis placed on trendiness and following trends. Graphic design shouldn’t look dated (unless it’s intentional). At the same time, designing for trends, instead of designing for the project at hand, is a surefire way to look untrendy two or three years down the road when the trend turns into yesterday’s news.

HAHA sorry man. My flaw in graphic design. Spell checking. And actually it is spelt “Padel” its British English.

I’m collecting boxes, photos, padel rackets, and everything sports related for references on a brand Im designing.

Yeah pickle boards are something we make as well but I am currently in charge of the padel rackets.

What I really need is up to date references to show my boss when we present to the bigger boss. As we are cleaning up the brand they tried to make. Which is really far off haha so I am collecting all this. As I’m from Wisconsin actually originally but moved to China when I was 19 and been here for the past
ten years. So I’m updating my self on the American and Europe trends.

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I need to get all pompous and British here, I’m afraid, but… One does not spell paddle that way!

The game hails from Mexico apparently, so it’ll likely be Spanish.

I’m not sure how popular it is here. I’d never head of it, but then again, I’m not really the demographic. besides, I think we Brits are far too wedded to actual tennis!

ahhh yeah! I hope its spelt right some where because we have been debating on how to even say it! Thank you! Gonna bring this up later in our meeting!

Padel is a sport derived from Tennis and played with a Padel racket :wink:

Padel is more social, and the use of the whole court and the walls makes it more fun than paddle. Due to the high amount of players, the tournaments in Spain are very entertaining, with incredible players doing outrageous shots.

Padel is also the worlds fastest growing sport.

Welcome to the world of PADEL! Thank you for sharing this video! Ugh our racket needs a lot of changes to look even close to as good as theirs. Clean up time! Wish me luck GANG!

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