Any changes for this design

Pls suggest a caption relating to a electronics dealer for promotion of led Tv.

Buy this great TV! (zebra not included)



u r welcome!

Wait’ll you get CHRSGRBR’s bill for services rendered.

hey! that was supposed to be a surprise! :sweat_smile:

What you’re asking for is copywriting service. This is a billable service. Are you looking to hire a writer or are you looking for others to work for free?


Buy this great zebra! (TV not included.)

I’ll charge you half what chrsgrbr is charging.


that almost killed me! :smiley:

congrats, i think the pitch is now over!


I’ll include a mail-in rebate for the Zebra with purchase of TV.
My idiocies are free. :wink:

That aside. I’m pretty sure i’ve seen this ad style (for a TV) done a few times already in the past.
I would look into something more unique.

If you google “Sony TV ad”, you’ll see the animal bit, a girl blowing bubbles from within a tv set. Tons of ads sporting the same concept.

But for a caption?

A Safari. From your sofa.
The savanna. from… I dunno
Something like that

My point is, if someone said, “I wrote this great tagline ‘Buy this great product!’, what do you think?”, I am sure a few sincere, genuine replies will come forth.

As Steve-O said, I don’t do this kind of things for free. Unfortunate for me, it kind of wrote itself.


I think this has been covered, but just in case you haven’t gotten the message…we don’t work for free :wink:

I’ll direct you to the classifieds if you want to pay someone for their brain usage :slight_smile:

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