Any good course or good guide for prepress?

I am quite insecure about my prepress knowledge, and I would like to ask if there is any good guide/course/book (not necessarily free) you could recommend.

Thank you in advance!

Prepress varies by output type. What I might want for large format isn’t necessarily the same thing a conventional plate printer might want.
But you can start here:

Prepressure has been around for decades probably, and tends to lean toward the technical side of things, but that’s a pretty good site to consider.

Another thing to consider is to ask questions before beginning your design. Nothing sucks more than to get a masterpiece finished only to find out the 1/8" of bleed you gave it really needs to be 6" (not kidding, a banner “wrap” or billboard may need that much.) Don’t be afraid to ask. A printer would rather you ask questions (AFTER reading their spec sheet :wink: ) than get files that cause headaches.

And believe it or not, printers do give people references to good designers. Guess which ones are at the top of the list. :innocent:

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A lot of info here too

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And is a really good prepress forum. They cover a myriad of workflows and all the software

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when I felt that way a long time ago, I was very happy to learn to understand color management.

Fake it til you make it… At least that’s what my old managers did. Slowly learned they hadn’t a clue.