Any good portable external monitor?

Hi all,

I am a graphic designer (mainly photoshop/illustrator) and Ive been looking for an external monitor for my laptop as not a main display, but just to get myself a bit of more real estate on screen. (I rely on my laptop screen for color, etc)

Then I recently purchased Asus mb16ac only to realize this type of portable monitors are not suitable for graphic designing computer that has dedicated GPU because they rely on integrated GPU it forces the machine to use only that. So when I am connected to the monitor the photoshop is now relying on intel GPU not Radeon, which is a big issue.

What are some good small size monitors that are good enough? I don’t need them to be perfect, it’s mainly for the additional real estate on my workspace so I can have my folders or brush/layer windows on it. I prefer it to be the same or smaller than my 15 inch MacBook Pro. (resolution isn’t that much of an issue as long as it’s not like 720p)

Thank you!

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