Any photoshop like program for free?

Does anyone know of a program like Photoshop, but for free?

The Gimp

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I tried gimp but was not a fan. Any other programs?

None I can think of on the free. Now Affinity Photo is 50US dollars and has mostly replaced photoshop for my photo editing. I still have photoshop nothing compares to adobe’s raw editor.

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Thanks I have to check it out. :smile:

I’ll second Affinity Photo. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Photoshop, but it’s pretty slick and has most of the features a fraction of the price.


Fraction of the features for a fraction of the price

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What do you recommend?

I would say that it depends on what you are doing in Photoshop. The best draw/paint program that I have found that compares closest to Photoshop is Autodesk Sketchbook. It is super easy to learn and has most of the same features. The best part is that it is free!

This free and super similar to photoshop - its online though, but clearly you have internet.

interesting thanks for the share

You have already discarded Gimp, but the point of it being Open Source is that some ppl do interesting things with it, including: Making it look similar to Ps.

So look for some adaptations of it like PhotoGimp or GimpShop.

Photoshop is used in many ways. Some people use it to draw, some to paint, or some use it for photo retouching.

So it would be a good idea to define your scope.

Although almost any program can do a bit of all, some have even more features than Ps.

You can use MyPaint, Krita, Paint net, FireAlpaca, or MediBang. All free.

And of course, you have some other paid alternatives. Affinity Photo, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoPaint for general use, or Escape Motions Rebell, Corel Painter, or Howler for Digital Painting.

But some specific tools like the Masking tools of Ps are difficult to match, so you need to define a bit more what is the intended usage of the software.

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