Anybody a "contributor"?

Greetings All, I am looking to amp up my business a little and I sometimes a Stock site for images…I LOVE to draw vector art…could I be a “contributor” and make any money at it??
Any sites you recommend? is it worth the time?
things to stay away from?
Thanks for any ideas. I have been designing for 10 years and I need to either really get in the game or hang it up.

Welcome to the forum!

Are you asking about selling stock vector resources to stock houses?

I am not a “contributor” but from what I have heard, it’s not a paved path to riches by any means. At best it’s passive income, presuming you already have created a cache of saleable items. If not, you would have to calculate how much time you would need to invest in creating artwork for sale, and how much you can presume to earn from each, including repeat sales.


This is probably a meaningless venture. The ones you can mass produce are pretty crappy in quality. If you have a cache of quality images you could find a site to sell them through but you have to get your images in front of the already established page with thousands of likes and downloads and tons of versatile content that’s already been posted. If you could find a group to join that would help your chances of getting to the front of the featured list.

That’s a second issue. What sort of content are you going to produce? Is it going to be so specialized that 5% of customers are looking for it or are you going to generalize it to appeal to 95%? Look at Adobe Stock and other higher quality stock image sites and see what the heaviest pages are on there and ask yourself if you can compete enough to make your own livable wage.

My suggestion: Instead of selling your illustration skills B2B, sell your illustrations B2C.


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