Anybody upgraded to Monterey yet?

I’ve seen a bunch of issues with it and CC, seemingly related to secondary monitors and open/save/export dialogs in illy, PS and indesign. they released an update yesterday and adobe pushed some PS updates but as a I know a lot of us are, we live and die by the second monitor for palettes and all. seems adobe’s only workaround is to disconnect the second monitor and reconnect it again, which throws the workspace in disarray. just wondering if anyone has any practical experience. thanks!

Not me, and it’s for exactly the reasons you mentioned. I’m still running Catalina, which works fine. I can’t afford to mess around with an iffy upgrade right now.

Roger that. I managed to get by with Big Sur but I’m still waiting on Monterey. Last thing I need to do is run into issues on a production machine.

We’re having auto-restart issues on our test machine. It just does a restart when it darn well pleases and none of the online fixes for this problem have worked yet.
It is not an M1 machine though and has some high-end drafting software that normally doesn’t run well on a mac on a good day, so both of those could be contributing. Waiting to see if the next update fixes it. But certainly not doing the rest of the machines.

That almost sounds like a hardware issue or like an update issue. Is it running Big Sur? That might help it. Don’t seem to be any Adobe issues with Big Sur, so I’ve been treating that as the last stable release, unless you’re running software that won’t run on it.

It was a known issue with Big Sur, but we didn’t have the problem until Monterey

I follow a guy on TikTok that fixes Macs and he says that Monterey is absolutely frying machines.

well, that just sucks. remember the nice stable world of snow leopard?

I’m thinking more the nice stable world of OS8

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I have four words for you: unexpected end of file.

it’s why so many older designers drink heavily.

Found this interesting thread
Monterey killed my MacBook Pro. - Apple Community

oh, that’s just dandy. well, I’ve got an older iMac, 2017, so I guess I’ll be holding off until Apple and Adobe get it together on this.

I got a new Mac last year and have had issues with it updating ever since. First from Catalina to Big Sur, then to Monterey. My workaround has been to ignore the update when it’s first available and try again in a few weeks.

I’ve always waited for at least the first update. I waited so long on Big Sur, that they immediately skipped to Monterey. That was a fast jump.

Mrs. B is scheduled to receive a new M1 MacBook Pro next week. I’m assuming it will arrive with Monterey installed. At least this will give me an opportunity to test it out a bit before I try installing it on my three-year-old machine.

I’m sure it goes without saying to do a full Time Machine backup before hitting that upgrade button.
Monterey will probably work exceedingly fine on an M1 machine. That’s Apple’s goal. Even if they have to fry the batteries in their old Macbooks to do it.

I have an M1 mini. It is not being upgraded until maybe the third update

I’ll be interested to hear all of your results. I’m like PD – I think I’m going to wait a bit…

still don’t know why the save/export bug persists in this version, in light of the fact that usually they work out interface bugs early.

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