Anyone attending Adobe Max this week?

So who’s joining the first-ever Adobe Max Conference? I heard they were giving away subscriptions???

Yeh, made a thread about that in the news section.

Oh lol ok let me mark this one as solved lol hehe

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Adobe has been doing Max for many years now. At least back to 2002 according to Wiki (when it was originally Macromedia Max. I been doing this too long, LOL!)

This might be the first free one. And online. It is free, right?
Usually it’s like $1600 to physically attend one.

Wasn’t Adobe Max online and free last year too? I remember sitting partway through something a year ago before deciding that it wasn’t interesting enough to hold my attention.

Anyway, I signed up for this year too, and will probably tune in to see if the three or four sessions I signed up for are worthwhile. I’m probably a little jaded, though, and not expecting much.

I don’t quite get it. An in-person conference can be exciting. There’s the travel, the hotel, the new city, all the people, the feeling of something meaningful taking place, etc. Stream it online, and those things are lost. It becomes an hours-long television infomercial for Adobe that I can watch in my pajamas.

I’m not sure why Adobe doesn’t post the entire thing online at once rather than pretend it’s an actual conference with breakout sessions scheduled for specific times. Wouldn’t it make more sense and get more views if every part of the entire thing was available at any time during the day or night during, say, the entirety of November?

I think it was free last year cuz Pandemic.
I can’t sit through a session much over 30 minutes. And the first 5 or 10 better grab my attention or I got better things to do. Even at in-person shows, I’ve been known to leave if bored. :slight_smile:

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