Anyone else hear about this?

35 of this Man’s patients died since 2015. He has been charged with murdering 25 of them. In this day and age how on earth does this happen? The Pharmacy won’t let me fill my thyroid meds 2 days early … but this Doctor can keep ordering up lethal doses of Fentanyl? With no red flags? This story is full of holes. Where are the checks and balances at this hospital? Did he administer it himself or prescribe it. It took years and 35 deaths for staff to notice discrepancies in his care and prescribing methods? Things just aren’t adding up. No doubt he is a murderer … even if it was some insane notion he was being merciful regardless of what his lawyer is saying … but sounds to me like Mount Carmel enabled this for a long time. :frowning:

There was this guy in Germany as well… :no_mouth:

Damn :frowning:

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