Anyone familiar with printing Labels? (12mm) <3

Let me just say that I am eternally grateful to anyone who chimes in here.

If I wanted to print 1000 individual 12mm labels each being 7cm long what is the best way & cheapest way to do this? Labels do not need colour. They contain one or two words max and a small enough QR code to be read.

Right now I have a DYMO Label Maker that works with these label cartridges (12mm). I can get 1 Cartridge each (12mm x 7m) at $2.50 USD each. Each one at 7m length gives me about 100 Labels per cartridge. So in total 1000 individual labels printed would cost me $25

Are there anymore economical ways? Like industrial label makers that can connect to a PC, import a CSV full of label names and auto-prints them while also being at a lower cost than $25 per 1000?

Appreciate anyone who is willing to chime in here. :slight_smile:


Besides buying a new machine which would cost more?
Have you contacted companies who specialise in printing labels?

I’d say $25 per 1000 is a deal. I did a quick look at Staples to see what on earth you were talking about. A little desktop Dymo is somewhere around $200 but the labels in 13mm are $13 for 260. No idea if the software interfaced with a csv file.

how about this for industrial You only have to make a few thousand labels to break even. :slight_smile: C11CJ59104 | Epson SurePress L-4733AW Digital Label Press with White Ink | Label | Printers | For Work | Epson US

KInd of unfair.

What is your duty cycle. Even the more robust baby desktop type printers only do about 1000 per day.
Including some of the lab ones I quick-looked at.

Yo. I would be open to buying a new machine that costs more if it can automate and print these labels at a lower cost so I can make more money.

I don’t think anyone specializes in labels these small (12mm x 7cm (width))

Like this

My god that sucker is expensive.

Agreed, I am pretty happy with $25 per 1000, which is using label cartridges from aliexpress. However I just need to now find an automated maker that works with those and can interface with csv. I’ll look into the desktop Dymo just incase.

Thanks for the reply and if you have any other ideas on how to do this cheaper please let me know. I’d be open to investing but nothing over $5000.

Ideally 1000 a day, I could also buy more than one these printers if i had to do say 5000 a day (which is entirely possible). All 12mm labels like this.

$25 for a thousand stickers is a screaming deal. If you were to have these things printed commercially, you’d be looking at more than that just for the plate — before the press even got rolling.