Anyone have experience with Topaz Lab's products?

I was looking at Photo AI from Topaz labs as a possible solution for enhancing less-than-ideal images I get from clients. Does anyone have experience with this app? I’m wondering how well it works in the real world.

I use it on occasion. There is still the GIGO factor. If an image is too low rez, the final result can look very ‘plastic’ - Kind of along the line of a game intro animation. Things get blurred or distorted.

It tends to ignore the backgrounds in favor of what it considers the focal point of the image.
I wouldn’t use it for highly detailed stuff or anything that requires high accuracy.

You need a pretty fast internet connection too, as it downloads a lot of reference material.
At least that’s been my experience.

If you have the $99 deal and you like the trial, get it. The price only goes up and they will spam you to death if you don’t buy it, LOL!


I licensed the Sharpen tool and have tried to use it a few times. It didn’t know what to do with ears or fingers in any of the photos so those came out freakishly distorted. If you start off with a good photo, maybe it makes it a little better, but it hasn’t worked any miracles.

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I downloaded the demo version and played around with it. Here’s a 400% enlargement of an old photo of Grace Slick on the left. The Topaz enlargement is in the middle. Photoshop’s Neural Filter enlargement is on the right.

It seems to do great things with faces and removing jpeg artifacts, but what it does with other subjects isn’t as impressive.


Thanks, all.