Anyone know the name of this font?


One of the kazillion brush scripts out there :wink:

I know that’s not that helpful … but each one had just a hair bit of difference. If you need something close, try this

I know. I was hoping to find this particular typeface. The one you suggest is pretty close! Thx

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I kept looking … as I do :wink:

Part of the problem of determining which brush fonts are which, is that folks love to mix and match. :roll_eyes:

So … turns out Shrink is the font for the everything but the T. I’m still looking for that :wink:

It might be out there or it could be a modified T from Shrink or made specifically for this since whoever created it didn’t like the T :wink:

Thanks RedKittieKat! I appreciate your help. You’re right. It’s looks perfect except for the T.

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