Anyone use plug-ins for Illustrator and Photoshop?

Title is pretty self explanatory but I’m curious who all actually uses them or if they’re just superfluous. Post any favorites and what they do!

HotDoor’s CADTools for Illustrator. Can’t live without it. Has a price tag to it but if you have to dimension things a lot like we do and if you need proper arc-drawing support and iso capabilities, this tool is the balls. Beats having to bring everything into AutoCAD or VectorWorks. And much cheaper than either.

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I use some of those Astute Graphics AI plugins. Some are overkill, others are very useful. That phantasm pattern maker is hot right now, I see it everywhere in the wild.

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a vote for astute
awesome plugins for really fast work
vectorscribe is a big plus except the patchscribe tool, new illustrator cc versions have that tool already, however it was superb back on cs5, the smart remove brush tool is awesome to clean up your vector art. vectorscribe has supreme features like adding anchor points to tangencies
collider scribe - it snaps to various shapes, also handy rotate to snapping point etc.
it has also cool features like line tangent to two patchs etc. you can look it up on youtube.
haven’t used the other plugins. I got stylism free but i never use it, rarely.

I have used ON1 Resizer for years due to submitted photos that are too small for the magazine I design. It’s a great tool.

Hi, I sometimes (depenting on project and the team) use Ink. Also, I love one plugin called Long Shadow Generator - it saves a lot of effort if you want cool shadow.

Here is a list of some interesting plugins you should try: The Best Free Photoshop Plugins & Actions to Get Now

Hope that will help you :slight_smile:

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