Anything i should to know before buying my first graphic pad?

Hey guys,

Any of your advices will be appreciate.

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Hey… when I wanted to buy a Wacom tablet, my teachers advised me to buy the medium size. She said that large is too big to carry around( I take it to college) and small hinders the length of the stroke you draw… Medium size is actually ideal

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I’m looking for something more budget friendly than wacom tablets.

Just two things…

First, have you used a drawing tablet before? My best guess is that there are more drawing tablets hidden away in people’s drawers than there are tablets actually being used. Many graphic designer buy them thinking they’ll be easier to use than a mouse — sort of like drawing with a pencil. While some find this true and use them all the time (especially illustrators), others find them awkward and unnatural. So I’m just suggesting you really play around with one for awhile, if possible, before buying one.

Second, as Poojana mentioned, a bigger tablet isn’t necessarily better. Moving one’s hand back and forth over a large tablet can be awkward and annoying, A medium-sized tablet is probably better for most people. I even know people who prefer the small sizes. Again, it would be good if you tried out a few sizes first to see which one feels best for you.

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What type of work are you expecting to do with the graphic pad?

I’ve owned several wacom tablets but I prefer a mouse for my graphic design work. I don’t use my tablets at all.

Tablets can be good for things like like painting and photo retouching. My husband uses a drawing tablet but he is an illustrator so it’s a whole different set of skills (and movements).

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I’m going to stick only to vector. I don’t have specific things right now, because I’m only in the stage of learning the basics.

Mouse is best for vector. You don’t need a drawing tablet.

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