"Apollo33" Photo manipulation

What is the purpose of the piece?

If the astronaut is looking left, and the rocket is to his/her right, you would not see the reflection of the rocket in the face shield.

The tagline font kerning is stretched beyond legibility.

And designers don’t put sigs in their illustrative work.

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The rocket is launching from the ocean?

It would be interesting to try to get the reflection of the rocket to appear on the back side of the visor, and distort in such a way so that it looks like it’s on a round surface.

If you lower the horizon line of the water photo, and fade out the sky and the rocket a bit, perhaps over a black background, you could create the feel that the rocket is much further away, and not firing some sort of sub-aquatic bunker of sorts.

Then add cheesy, clique, translucent, compilation of a team of astronauts into the dark sky.

… though… maybe…

No I mean this is a ground behind that ocean but I I wasn’t good at this.

OK, I will try to work on it again.
thank you so much :heart:

I tried to simulate film posters…
I will focus on these things the next time.
thanks a lot.

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