APP design

I was asked to create an Android launcher APP
i work with a small company that collects tax
the app is pay your taxes online

what icons i can use apart from the norms
any ideas?

I can’t give you any specific ideas since I don’t know anything about the icons in question.

However, when I’ve been faced with similar problems, I’ve looked up icons and vector icons on iStock or Shutterstock. It’s not so much that I end up using their icons (I rarely do). The main reason is that all the ideas there often stimulate new trains of thought, new ways of looking at things and combinations of different ideas that I can use to create my own.

thanks JUST B
I am new to design NUT LOVE IT!!
i will look on istock
but to create my idea is a challenge (im not an artist - i cant draw)
plus I dont know the software well however i always want it to be unique

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