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Has anyone developed an app or been on a team that developed an app? Much like everyone else on the planet, I have an idea for an app. There’s a lot of information out there, but I’d really like to talk to someone that’s actually launched and sold an app.

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I might know some answers about the technology of mobile apps. But I’ve never launched or sold an app. If nobody responds soon, you might need to be more specific with your question. Is it a question about the business, or is it about the technology?

What I’d really like to do is talk to someone that’s been through the process of developing an app and getting launched on the Apple and Android app stores to get general information and insight. There is a lot of information on the web, obviously, and I am plenty capable of doing a Google search; but I find personal contact to be invaluable.

Hi @Steve_O,

have done that, developed and sold an app and have helped many of my customers to develop and distribute/sell apps.
Can’t share specific details as obviously some information is private, however happy to share my “general” experience.

What is it you’d like to know please?


If you’d rather not do this, I will respect your wishes, but is there any chance we could arrange a Skype call?

Sent you a private message.

You can join GNation either the platform or company to get needed experience or team or a great platform or whatever you need: D Check the info about GNation No thanks.
All the needed experience is there. And if you have some experience in block chain, you MUST visit the platform. The whole philosophy is based on block chain and cryprocurrency there.

Hi Steve,

Developing an app is a challenging task! You must have good technical and analytical skills to convert your app idea into reality. Yea, I was having an idea to build an ecommerce app and a mobile app development company helped me to build the same as I’m not having technical background.

You can also check their new blog: Which is the best mobile app development company in India?

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