App to generate color scales / palette

Hi guys,

I would love to share with you this link:

I created this tool to generate colour variants, it’s different from any other similar product because it allows to choose exactly how to make darker and lighter colors. For instance for a darker shade of orange it’s possible to decide to make it more red or keep the same hue but darker.
The darker colors are not made by mixing black at a certain level of opacity but by reducing the luminance, which creates much more vibrant and interesting results.

It’s also easy to use with its visual controls but still very powerful. (Basically you can move the handlers to adjust a bezier curve and pick all the different colours thanks to this curve)

Whenever satisfied by the scale created (can have up to 10 variations) the tool allow to export all of them to sketch or the most common code languages.

I hope you will have time to take a look at it and share some feedback with me. I just started the project and I would love to keep improving it overtime.



Most of that you can do within the actual programs themselves. Even Adobe lets you export color palettes.
Is yours RGB or CMYK or LAB?
You should add a red flag option. One that will let you know if a color is likely out of printing gamut.

The final goal of the tool is to generate a usable color scale for digital products.

Programs usually let you create each variants with no guidance and other online tools just add black for darker colors or white for lighter (tint and shade)

I’m evaluating to add more controls over the export formats and different color spaces

You might find that the potential users here require something a little more than “looks pretty on my device.”
The professional designer requires a little more information.

Conversion to Hex, or conversion from Hex might be useful.
Something that says “For Digital Devices Only” perhaps?
(That’s to make my life as a printer easier. I hate client chin quivers and tears when their RGB colors come out CMYK-alicious.)

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