Apple has not done itself favours here

Wow. That…hurt…to watch.

Except for this one moment:

I hate that lamp…

The ad is visually interesting but terribly tone-deaf. A video showing things artistically creative people love getting crushed is awful and painful to watch happen.

To make it even worse, they’re implying that an iPad can do a better job than all of them, which is not only arrogant but untrue. To top it off, their big selling point at the end is that the new iPad is the thinnest yet, which is no selling point at all. Who cares if the damned thing is a millimeter or two thinner than the last one.

I’m baffled by how poor the judgment must have been in creating and approving this. Destroying guitars, pianos, books, turntables, etc., is painful to watch.

Tim Cook might be good at business and running a company, but I haven’t seen any spark of creative intuition at Apple since Steve Jobs died.

I was wondering if that was a jab at Disney/Pixar.

I get what they were trying to say, but, yeah, a swing and a miss.

Thanks for posting the video - I thought posting the link would generate a thumbnail at least…

I’m not even sure there was a swing. Just a huge miss.
There were a number of small jabs in there.