Approach to learning hand lettering?

Hi everyone,

Recently I’ve been inspired by Lincoln Design Co’s hand lettered variations of their logo. I really want to redesign my own logo in a similar style but I’m struggling with the execution of the text.

I’m a complete beginner when it comes to hand lettering so I was wondering if you guys had recommendations on courses/videos to start?

Here are examples of the style I’m after:



That isn’t hand lettering…
It’s vector art and maybe created in some other way than using a font.

Look up neon lettering. It’s sort of has a neon flavor, though not true neon in construction

The lettering was likely roughed out by hand, then traced, cleaned up, and perfected in Illustrator.

I’ve heard people describe similar lettering as “monoline lettering.” A Google search for those words leads to all kinds of things.

For example: Easy Way To Draw a Monoline Logo Using Guides in Illustrator - YouTube

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