April is a crazy month, but it’s my favorite. Winter and spring bounce back and forth in fits and starts, but when it’s all said and done, spring always wins out.

The past few days here in Salt Lake have been almost summery with our apricot tree in full bloom. Today, it looks like this from my studio space here at home.


Yeah last week here in the UK we had 25C, now its around freezing during the day, and snowing.

Great shot B!!

It’s amazing how fast we adapt up here. It’s 65°, beautiful and sunny … and I’m freezing! :cold_face:

It was 65° 2 months ago we would have been dying from heat :wink:

It is lovely to watch the trees though. Our red maple is beginning to spring back to life and I love that the buds are red and will turn green and then go back to red in the Fall.


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We’re having a spell of just a tad under 20º C weather with a lot of sunshine in Toronto.

I don’t want to jinx it.

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What a difference a days makes. Same shot one day later.


That’s crazy.

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