Are all-in-one PCs powerful enough?

I was browsing yesterday for a new PC purchase but have no idea if the all-in-one PCs will be powerful enough for high end graphics, audio, 3d, and video editing? I am due for a new PC, and want to make the jump to one of those, not only so that I can save on space, but also the touch screen in addition to the mouse use is also tempting. (I’ve never used a touch-screen PC.)

In addition to that, are the monitors on the all-in-one-PCs accurate in color display for prepress?

From my limited knowledge on hardware, what makes a powerful PC is the combo of RAM to the max, high end processor, and expensive video card!?

By the way, where is the hardware section on this site?

Why do you want an all-in-one computer? Lots of people like them, but displays typically last longer than computers, so there’s good reason to keep them separate.

I wouldn’t necessarily max out a computer with memory, but if you want to work with HD video and 3d, I’d aim for 64GB. For general graphic design work, 16GB is enough, but it’s on the verge of being inadequate.

I wouldn’t necessarily get the fasted processor either — you’ll pay a premium for that without a huge performance gain over the second fastest. Then again, if you’re serious about, for example, 8K video and 3d, the fastest you can get is best.

You forgot to mention storage space, which depends on whether you’ll be storing files on your computer or on a removable external drive. You can get by with a TB of storage space for graphic design, but you need equivalent space for backup. For ultra HD video, plan on tripling or quadrupling that, depending on how much you do.

Since your questions are rather basic, I’m assuming you’re just starting out in this direction, so you could probably scale back what I’ve mentioned and not drain your bank account too much. However, professionals doing everything you’ve mentioned for 40 hours per week will need high-end specs on their equipment.

I don’t know why we don’t have a hardware section. Maybe we should. Oddly, I don’t remember it ever coming up before. I have a feeling it might turn into a battleground between Macs and Windows. :wink:

I was looking for the all-in-one, because they are more ergonomic. It saves space, and there are less cables.
So, the monitor on it is expected to last longer than the PC itself?
I will probably not jump above 4k video. Nevertheless, that would be the one thing that eats up the most space on the hard drive. Audio would be second to that. And yes, I will also have backup drives as well.

Sorry, I realized that I had already started this topic here couple of years ago. I got diverted to other projects and I never actually purchased a new PC. But this is now for real… I am really buying a new one… but I have to make the decision: desktop or all-in-one… Obviously, it would be very frustrating if I start working with something memory intensive, and the refresh rate is lagging. So, if the all-in-one can’t do it, I will go with the desktop.

By the way, the all-in-one don’t even have a fan? No heating issues?

You mention it doesn’t have a fan for cooling.
You’re talking about a touch screen tablet-like device, like a Surface or Chromebook, right?
Not a typical laptop or an “all-in-one” like the iMac…

I’ve always had a low opinion of Tablet devices being used for doing professional work. Maybe they’re good enough and fast enough now. Maybe not. The video stuff, I’d really have my doubts.

Keep half your drive available for scratch and you maybe can make it work.

Be sure the software you want to use runs on the OS on the device.

Accurate for color display for pre-press doesn’t happen even with the best intentions, unless you only use one print provider, have access to spectrophotometer equipment and have access to their profiles. I do prepress all day long for multiple vendors on $300 ViewSonic monitors, and do it from home on a MacBook Pro (or I used to, until I got the desktop mini with another really cheap viewsonic.) You learn to “see” the colors, eventually.

By all-in-one desktop, I mean the computer is built into the monitor. Unless I get surprised, I am starting to realize that they are not powerful enough to handle heavy duty memory/speed intense work.

This HP all-in-one machine looks more than good to me if you order it with the options you need. I loaded it up and got this price. I’ve always bought Macs, but I wouldn’t mind having this HP. It’s a nice computer.

In a sense, a tablet is not a small computer, rather a big cellphone. There is movement towards a common operating system, but until that happens the software is by necessity completely different.

Fingerprints on your monitor…yuck. Just dust drives me nuts.

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I don’t even really like touching my ipad screen. Keyboard/touchpad or apple pencil stylus for me.

I can’t imagine trying to use a desktop machine via touchscreen.

As to this all-in-one: I think it’s fine. Being an HP, it’ll come pre-loaded with a bunch of junk you don’t need that only serves to bog the machine down. I have a 2015-ish 15in spectre x360 laptop and it was like that. Constant nags from their security / update manager thing to install driver and firmware updates. Oh, and also to purchase extended support plans.

Thank you. Keep in mind that I don’t understand 90% of all of those characters and numbers they use… that’s why my last two PCs turned out to be slow. I looked at the rankings for the 3060 video card, and I don’t think it is ranked high enough.
I looked up the requirement for top notch performance for Davinci Resolve, and I am getting some higher end options.

On the other hand, I just realized that smudge marks will be a problem, so maybe I should back away from the all-in-one?

Also, for a single user, do I really need the Pro version on my Windows? I will not have Admin account.

Hmm. Maybe I can get something similar from B&H instead. I was going to be buying a scanner from them too.