Are GIFs interchangeable with other file formats?

Hello everyone!
I’m new to animated banner creation. The information I’ve found suggests that we can use .avi or even .mp4 files in web banners instead of .gif files. Is that true? It would be life-saving!
Thank you in advance!

As long as it’s displayable on the webpage you can do whatever you like.

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GIF is an image format, whereas mp4 and avi are video formats. GIF is widely supported, like jpg.

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Offhand, my recommendation would be to use an animation app that outputs HTML5.

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Do you have any suggestions for non-programmers?
I’ve mainly heard of Adobe Animate so far and I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth investing into it.

MP4, is an video format, and the interesting feature of animated GIFs and PNGs is that is easily looped; MP4, on the other hand, are supposed to be played through a player and don’t offer the same interface or experience.