Arrrg, go away! Get rid of PS popups?

New CC update and PS has these bars popping up. How do I turn them off?

It’s called Contextual Task Bar

There might something there in preferences too - but I haven’t got the computer with the latest version on it yet.

On this computer - I have updates turned off - for precisely this reason ha ha

You can join the prerelease program and test drive beta features and give feedback


More options menu

Select the three-dot icon to access the additional options menu with options to hide, reset, and pin the task bars. These actions are applied to all bars, so a pinned bar will remain pinned for future bars in your workflow, and hiding a bar will keep all bars hidden until reopened.

  • Hide bar: Remove all contextual task bars from your screen, which can be reopened at any point by going to Window > Contextual Task Bar.

  • Reset bar position: Reset the position of the bar to the default location.

  • Pin bar position: Pin the bars where they are placed until unpinned.

I saw that last night on my home computer. Luckily I also have Photoshop two versions back loaded too so I can revert when something I hate happens and I need to get work done. That’s been my SOP ever since M1 chips happened. Adobe Catchup isn’t a game I’m playing.

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I just don’t update until I have to.

This feature is shit. But hey.

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