Article about buzzwords and trends

“‘Artisan’, ‘heritage’ and ‘retro’ can join ‘authentic’ on the list of most over-used buzzwords in design and branding.”

I dislike both buzzwords and trends, because they hinder clear communication.

So I’m happy to see this article from Creative Bloq. :slight_smile:

Now if we could just ditch the word “leverage” and the sentence that goes “Whether…or…”


You people just can’t handle a new paradigm.

Paradigms plus 2 bucks might get you a cup o’ coffee.


Such as … “I’m a creative.”

It’s always made me wince just a bit whenever I hear creative used as a noun. It’s become common to hear it used that way in our profession, but it still sounds like a sour note to me.

Yeah, me too. I think it sounds phony.

I’ve always heard Creative used more as a department rather than a job description.
Could just by the niche I’m in.
“We’ll send that back to Creative for a rework.”
“You’ll see that after Post gets done with it.”
“We don’t want background graphics that upstage the Talent.”

“Hello, all you creatives!”


I’ve been hearing “hustle” as a substitute for “job” quite a bit lately. As in “it’s my side hustle” or “it’s my main hustle.”

Now that just sounds sleazy.

Trouble is: any good alternative to a buzzword will become the next buzzword.

Heard this one twice today…


…and it became quite annoying.

Here’s another one that I find irritating: disruptive. Way overused. If everything is disruptive, nothing is disruptive.

I don’t know what that is.

EDIT: Looked it up. Stupid, surely. So mine would be SA;DA (Stupid Abbreviation; Didn’t Acknowledge)

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