Artwork color change in watsapp

when i send artwork to a client in watsapp its colors look different in Android phones. Please suggest a solution

Don’t use Watsapp :wink:


den how do i show my wrk
he doesn’t hav pc :crazy_face:

Your short question seems to imply an assumption about this possibly being a common problem others have figured out. Instead, I suspect the problem resides somewhere in the variables of your situation. No one here knows anything about what you sent or your client’s Android phone, the hardware or its settings. There are dozens of possible causes.

There’s also your unusual workflow. You might have good reasons for doing it this way, but a messaging app and a smartphone aren’t ideal tools for presenting or delivering higher-quality design work. As I mentioned, there are just too many variables involved that can cause less-than-good results — like poor color fidelity.

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OK. Well, this doesn’t sound like a client I would chose to work with. I’m guessing this isn’t a standard, professional business relationship. :wink:

I am just trying to find out whether is there any way out to save the artwork in any format that would give the audience same view and colors in both phones and desktop

My sentiment exactly.

You could try sending through email vs a social app. Otherwise anything you send will look different in whatever app you choose. As Just-B said … too many variables.

No, I don’t think so.

First, the problem is unlikely to be the format and more likely to be this person’s phone displaying everything differently from how you would see the same image on your devices.

Second, I don’t know what WhatsApp does with photos, but it might reprocess, resample, compress and convert the images in some way — I just don’t know. Other social media services do that kind of thing, so WhatsApp might too. What’s relevant, however, is that you don’t have any control over what WhatsApp does or doesn’t do with the images.

Like RedKittieKat said, try email. At least you’ll know this person received the same file you sent without WhatsApp messing with it along the way.

Thanx got it
Saved it in Rgb mode

Yeah RGB will give more consistent results on a phone or computer screen, but it will be way off if the colour is to be printed which uses CMYK.

Also different screens will have different settings which can confuse the issue. If colour is critical, make sure your client understands that proofing on screen will give variable results.

This sounds like a color profile issue. Experiment with different profiles and consider whether or not you’re embedding a profile.

We absolutely never allow proofing for color on screen. Screen proofs are for content only.
Real color gets a hard proof or ink drawdown (or whatever other color testing some of the more weird things I do require.)

Given the variables of all the different monitors in the world… on this one, close is good. If it isn’t good on your client’s phone, have him check someone else’s.

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