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Hello dears,

I would appreciate it if anyone can help me with how can I make this look for my typo?

You might need to rephrase your question. What you’ve asked makes little sense. Are you looking for a typo in the nearly illegible Arabic (I think) script in your image?

I think they’re asking how to do that distressed look for their type, not typo. Maybe.


There are thousands of tutorials out there on how to give effects to text. For this, all you need to do it Google “grunge effect for text”

From what I see this could be any grunge effect and then blurred. Or possibly a double overlay that is slightly off.

I know folks love it … but I’m not sure why. It’s unreadable as far as I am concerned. But, that’s just me lol :smiley:

Here’s a video tutorial for something similar.


Good but rewrite your question.

This video is similar to that.

Wow. Amazingly similar to what the original post was after, and a super nice tutorial.

I agree with you.

You are absolutely right, I agree with you.

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