Asking for a friend

I know I’ve got this somewhere, but not installed. Already spent an hour looking…


[EDIT] Nvm - found it


Is your, um, “friend” a medieval monk working on an illustrated manuscript?



Probably not—just some dude who is more concerned about being flashy than communicating.

OK. I’ll come clean - it was a font ID request on Reddit from what looked like a heavy metal band cover art.

Speaking of heavy metal band typography, I ran across a dang nice thick and bulky-looking German blackletter typeface the other day that I’m itching to use somehow. I think it might be a revival typeface by one of our forum members, @Typography.Guru, who shows up to argue with us from time to time. :wink:

I tried to help over there for a while. Then I realized I’m entirely too old for that bunch for the most part.

I still help out now and again on the font section. :wink:

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