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Can anyone please tell me that what is Luxurious, Mature, Sophisticated Logos? In what sense they categories such types (i.e in terms of color or font or shape or what else) Kindly guide me

Have you tried doing a web search using those terms? Google returned multiple pages of images of Luxurious Sophisticated logos when I asked it.

Look them up, form your opinion into an answer to the question, and if you are still unsure, post your answer here and we’ll see if we agree.

Not gonna do your homework for you. :wink:

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yes I google it but they are generic, if we go to 99 designs, design crowd or any other crowdsourcing websites there we will see the different styles of logos those which are contrast with google results

So crowdsourcing has to be right. No need for Google.

Suppose we need to digest what those words mean.

Luxurious often involves expense, comfort, style.
In terms of expense, Symantec cost $1.2b (that’s right, billion!)
Accenture cost $300,000

But luxurious doesn’t come to mind when looking at it - a comfort/style sense

You’ll probably associate Luxurious logos with the brand - things like Prada, Porshe, Chanel, LV, and other expensive brands.

For luxurious logos, you’re probably looking at luxury brands and not logos - the logos are a symbol of their brand and the luxury items they portray.

Mature logos - probably talking about logos that have stood the test of time, or been around a long time - like Coca Cola. Or logos with a history have matured to what they are now, like BMW, but then again that is luxury too - so there’s a crossover.
You can probably put Apple, Starbucks, McDonalds, etc into these categories, Nike, Ford, VW etc.

Sophisticated - are we talking tricks - like the FEDEX logo where the E and EX form an arrow. Or Amazon with the arrow that connects A-Z with a smile?
Or are we talking sophisticated as in brand sophistication - back to luxury.
Or as in elegant.

Typically sophisticated logos are lineart logos - or similar portraying crowns, jewels, keys, etc.

Really need to examine the language around the terms your looking at and derive meaning from the words, then associate the findings with logos and styles that describe these things.


When I think of “luxurious, mature, sophisticated” design, my mind wanders to the Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella in Florence. Have a look at the type and design elements on their beautifully crafted product packaging and you can practically see the luxury oozing out of them.

Hello PrintDriver,
Logo is something that defines your brand. You know well your audience too. It should be unique and impressive, decent and easily understandable. It should never be the complex one. If you are making logo for the client, ask his requirements and specifications regarding color, shape, size, theme and audience too. If you are making logo for yourself, you know well all these things. Keep in mind all these points while designing a logo.
Hope this will be helpful.

I’m not the OP.
And the OP seems to think a crowdsource site is the epitome of logo design.
After that, I got nothin’…

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Hi print driver,
I am not thinking crowdsourcing site are epitome, i am trying to figure out that which one is correct, is it google results or crowdsourcing sites, as an upcoming designer I have to find where to get pro inspirations.


G’day @vishvaforum,

Those terms: Luxurious, Mature, Sophisticated - are pretty broad and can mean very different things to different people (as you can see by @Smurf2’s response). If I were you, I’d go back to your client an ask more questions to gain greater clairity around the brief and understand their expectations before wasting your time trying to guess.

Best of luck :beers:

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Forget about crowdsourcing sites. Forget about google search.

Buy books. Rent books (library).

Go to your local library.

That is the only way - looking through other websites will not help you.

Clue: It is definitely NOT crowdsource. Crowdsource is an anathema to any professional designer.

Have a look around Behance and, more importantly, research the very best of designers. It will take more effort than looking it up on google or any crowdsource site, but always learn from the best.

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I had assumed you were a student and this was a homework question, seeing as there is a similar question elsewhere.

Here’s the deal. As a designer charging clients money for your services, you should already have an objective in mind for the terms you listed. You should know what logos online represent those terms and you would only be looking for inspiration to maybe a, find a commonality that is used or b, to avoid using something similar.

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Hi all,
of course, Behance, Dribble are there for inspirations, i accept those are professional, but the main thing is logo brief, which is not avail in those sites, but in case of crowdsourcing we are availed with logo brief, which is most helpful to analyze the meaning of the logo.
so kindly suggest the sites those with the meaning of logo & its brief (if the sites are there)


The meaning of a logo as a stand-alone piece of design is pretty meaningless.

A logo is only part of a brand identity. Research brand design, that way you will learn what a logo is, which is not the ‘pretty (or not so) adornment’ that crowdsource sites peddle. Look at behance for branding projects and you will get plenty of examples of logos (as part of a greater whole).

I am not trying to be obtuse here, but if you have brief that talks about logo design as an entity in itself, I’d question the validity of the brief.

A logo designed on its own, in isolation, is a pointless exercise. It becomes about pretty and not communication, which is the point of design.

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