Ηello guys, would you change something on my assignment?

Thanks in advance! :blush:


I don’t think the words from the Teddy Bear are needed. It’s pretty obvious what happened.

But who is this aimed at? “Technology” is a very large word for someone who just tossed a teddy bear…

Well, the illustration was created digitally. That tells us enough what we want to know.

The value range (the range between light and dark) is very narrow and skewed toward lightness. This gives the illustration a washed-out appearance.

The entire illustration is colored in mauves and light browns except for the plant, which is green. This draws attention to the plant, which is a visual distraction from the primary subject.

You used vector software to draw something that you intended to be soft and touching. Unfortunately, vector illustrations don’t lend themselves to creating the emotional response you’re trying to impart.

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Illustrations like this are not in my wheelhouse, so this is better than what I could do. That said, here are some things I’d work on.

– The girl’s hair blends into the sofa.
– Her left thumb, or lack there of, looks funny. In reality, I think the thumb would be pointed up to help support the iPad.
– I’d like to see her chin/jaw better defined.
– The armrest on the close side of the couch is dramatically larger than the far armrest. It would be perceived this way in reality, but not to the degree you’ve shown.
– Along the same lines, the teddy bear looks ginormous in proportion to the girl.
– There is a vertical line in the background that looks like it is supposed to suggest a corner. But the baseboards don’t appear to have turned a corner – or maybe just a 10 degree bend, certainly not a ninety degree bend.
– I think the shadows under the couch could be deeper and more well defined.
– I’d center the headline vertically in the space.
– The two periods after “me” looks like a typo. Either do one period or an ellipsis.

Hope that helps.

Hey guys, thank you all for your comments, i tried to fix it a little bit. Does it look better now?

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Looks the same to me. Except why is the plant pink?

How many light sources you have in the room?