🌟 Attention LIGHTROOM iOS Users 🌟

I’m just seeing this. Yikes!! :flushed:

… and you can’t recover them!


This is why I backup and disconnect peripherals before updating. Twice Apple has issued updates that wiped attached external storage drives (I wasn’t a victim because I disconnect.)

2 years of photos and no backup?

Keep this in mind. Cloud storage can vanish on a moment’s notice. If your singular Cloud storage went away today for some reason, where is all your stuff?


I’ve always had that in the back of my head. I don’t trust “the cloud” much more than I trust anything these days lol :wink:

And here I thought I was a luddite because my daily backups and long-term archives are all done locally.

I am exactly the same. You only learn the true importance of back-ups after the worst has happened. Thankfully, for me, it happened early on and nothing too major was lost (I managed to retrieve most of it from a failed disc). It was enough to scare the bejesus out of me.

Now I am bordering on obsessive. Hourly/daily back-ups to time machine, then everything important; client projects (as soon as they are completed), photos, business admin, etc, etc, gets archived to a raid drive, so there’s always two mirrored copies and then just in case, that is all then tripled up in to another external usb drive.

Paranoid? Who, me?

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At work, we have cloud, RAID in the office somewhere, and an offsite RAID as well.
You know what’s interesting about RAID drives? Yeah, sure you can swap out a failed drive with, theoretically, no loss (I’ve lost stuff) but if the CASE goes, we’ve found that you can’t just stack the drives into a new case. It has to be the exact same model case that they came out of. So we keep a spare. Use the drives if needed, and have the case, just in case.

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