Attention to detail

Attention to detail = Fail.
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Upside down and backwards :flushed: Yikes :smiley:

seems to me a lot of “who-evers” are advertising and cashing in on suffering children donations more than usual this year.

Unicef has been around since the 40’s.

not them just others i hear while passing by a TV
we get mailed donations requests from politicians who have more money than banks.

but there is no auto-flip-and-rotate-to-the-correct-orrientation-with-one-click tool in photoshop, how do you expect these designers to do it?

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Fixed it :smiley:




RKK wins the internets for the day! LOL!


LOL … why thank you :smiley:

Yeah, that’s a whole lot better! :laughing:

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found this:
Screenshot (56)
looks like she/her is drinking to me

But only she has the water.

That jug is questionable… Reminds me of a trip to Egypt I made years ago. They would reuse any plastic container for holding water, including laundry soap bottles.

I think that was photoshopped. She’s actually being waterboarded.

Oh! what did I say?!

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