Aurora borealis

The northern lights hardly ever make it as far south as where I live, but there’s a red and green light show in the sky over northern Utah right now. I doubt I’ll get to bed tonight. :grinning:

I didn’t shoot these, but they were just posted on the local astronomy Facebook group I belong to. Beautiful!


Wow, looks breathtaking :star_struck:

Sweet! Glad you caught it
I couldn’t see it. We had hazy clouds. Hoping they last one more night.

Very cool!

I did get out to shoot this on Saturday night. I’ll post my picks and observations later this afternoon.

Here are my shots.

These were taken along the Mississippi River. In the first image, the long, horizontal light trail is from traffic on a road that runs next to the river. For the second shot, I rotated the field of view to get the moon in the shot. The light reflected in the river on the right side was from a barge that was going by. You can see a satellite path in the second image, too.

Two unexpected things, at least for me, from shooting these. First, the sky did not look like this to the naked eye. You could see a slight tinge of color in the sky, and you could make out slight vertical streaking. These are twenty second exposures so the color could soak into the sensor. The other unexpected thing is that the aurora borealis was not constant. You wouldn’t see anything, then it would flare up, then it would tapper off. The best shots of the night were within a 5 minute window — if it was even that long.

Despite the fact that it didn’t look like this to the naked eye, it was still a pretty cool experience, and it was exciting to see the images pop up on the back of the camera after the exposures.


My sister got these with her phone. It’s over the Hudson in Corinth NY. It was amazing. Neither of us has ever seen them in person. She happened to be out to pick up her son. It started out blue/green/purple and went to a brilliant pink and then disappeared.